V1 Has Launched

We are proud to finally announce that the first official release of our custom-built framework is here!

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed disappearing issue when creating a character.
  • Simplified the character creator menu
  • Fixed inventory overflow issues (items randomly disappearing but still being in your inventory
  • Greatly reduced resources
  • Highly optimized scripts and other content
  • Fixed issue with vehicles becoming damaged to quickly
  • Fixed many game crash related issues
  • Improved door locks
  • Updated many scripts and other resources.
  • Removed some conflicting or useless scripts and resources
  • Made some slight changes to the economy
  • Fixed more mapping collisions
  • Optimized MANY map textures, making it easier to load.
  • Crypto wallet is no longer shared between your characters
  • Crypto can now be transferred between players. You need the person’s crypto wallet address in order to send them crypto. We are working on a way to simplify this so you don’t have to type the wallet address out.
  • Improved Multicharacter System
  • Fixed Crouch System
  • Many Keybinds have changed. Please be sure to check the keybind channel in discord for detailed info.

New Features

  • New Locations: Chipotle (City Of Angels RP Exclusive), New Hookah Lounge (replaced cockatoos), Triad Records, UWU Cat Cafe, Pig Pen Strip Club, Pizza This Italian Restaurant, Arcade On The Pier, East LA Projects, East LA Convenience Store, Bob Balls Bowling Alley, Auto Parts Store, Haters Hat Shop, Licensing Center, Davis Police Station, Vespucci Police Station, New Paleto Bay Police Station, Park Ranger Station, Davis Fire Dept, El Burro Heights Fire Dept, New Los Santos Medical Center, Paradise Beach Club, Updated Mile High Club, Tone’s Secret Chop Shop, New MLO Houses
  • New Whitelist Jobs: Weaponsmith, Banker, Lawyer, Judge
    New Non Whitelist Jobs: Doordash, Lumberjack, Fruit Picker, Lyft Driver, News Reporter and Coffee House
  • New updated Side hustles – Farming, Butchering and Mining (You don’t need a job to do these activities and get paid for them!)
  • New illegal side missions that pay in dirty money.
  • New Chat System
  • New Inventory System: Now based on weight. Weapons now have durability and can break or be repaired and  the new system also integrates weapon attachment loadout directly into the inventory. The new inventory also allows you to switch between standard aim style or one handed by pressing Alt. You can now also use backpacks and duffle bags to carry more items.The new inventory has many other amazing features we are sure you will enjoy.
  • New Phone: We have a brand new phone script with many cool new apps like a gallery to save pictures, race creator, tinder, doordash, lyft, games and more!
  • Many more weapon attachments like drum mags and weapon skins.
  • New Weapon: Glock 17 with over 35+ attachments (sold exclusively at the weaponsmith)
  • New Gas Mask Item: Protect yourself against most gas types.
  • For Police, spike strips are now items you can grab from the armory.
  • Drones are now an item you can buy from the electronic store. Police have access to a special drone in their armory.
  • New Heists: Updated Vangelico Jewelry Robbery (it is now a lot more complex, no more just running in and shooting to start the robbery. You actually need to get items and plan the heist out), Merryweather train heist (Merryweather security is getting ready to move a large shipment of gold on train, show up and see if you have what it takes to get that gold off their hands)
  • All heists now pay in dirty money.
  • New Non-Donator Player Owned Businesses: You can now own a variety of different businesses throughout the city. You can buy the business using in-game money (that’s right you do not have to make a donation to own these) and stock your business with the items you need to sell and other players can come buy items from your store or even do jobs for you. You need to keep your business stocked and active in order to keep it or you will lose it. (works similar to the gas stations) The current business types that you can own are Convenience Store, Electronic Store, Liquor Store, Hardware Store, Pharmacy and  Auto Parts Store. More business types may be added in the future.
  • New smoking script: Now you can buy or craft items like cigarettes, vapes, cigars, and bongs and you can even roll joints that includes a mini game where you can mess up the joint if you don’t successfully complete the game. You can also pass smokables to your friends so they can take a hit 🙂
  • New Banking System: A more modern banking system that shows you your financial transactions, allows you to send money to players (even if they are not online), allows job bosses to set up bank accounts for the business and more!
  • New Bike Dealership has been configured in the city.
  • New rentable MLO Motels and Apartments have been configured.
  • New NPC Doctor: If no EMS are online then you can call to  have an NPC doctor come to revive you. Once the doctor revives you you pay them a fee.
  • New Advanced Jail System: Adds a whole new dimension to the prison system allowing for some real prison RP. When you get sent to jails you actually get processed and booked. Your items will be removed while in prison and you get them back at the end of your sentence (only the legal items anyway). You can do jobs in prison to shorten your sentence, work out, store things under your mattress,  even craft items and try to escape. Police can also initiate lockdowns.
  • Newer Licensing System: Still functions pretty similar to the old in terms of getting your Drivers Permit, but getting your driver’s license (as well as other types of licenses) now requires you to go get them at the license center. We will soon upgrade this to integrate with our shops and also allow you to show your licenses to players. 
  • Bandages now provide you with a small amount of health.
  • Improved Door lock (please be patient as we add the new ones)
  • New NPC Begging Feature: Down bad? Now you can ask NPCs if they can spare some change for ya. Just walk up and lock on to them with right flight and then press H. They may or may not give you a random amount of money. They only give you money if they are feeling generous.
  • New Ghostbusters Game: Game starts and all players teleport into location. One player is randomly chosen as a ghost, and the rest are assigned as ghostbusters. The goal of the busters is to do as much damage as possible to the ghost and catch it, and the goal of the ghost is to stay alive until the end of the 5 minutes round. The winner/s get a reward.

Known Issues

  • Crypto wallet address being too long, we are working on it
  • Outfits for jobs and games need to be fixed. Will be fixed soon.
  • Tattoos take a little bit to load in when you join the server. Looking for a solution.

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