Server Rules

General Rules

  • You MUST have a working Microphone.

  • You MUST be able to speak and understand English.

  • Arm N Hammer Presents: City Of Angels is an LGBTQ+ Friendly, BIPOC Friendly, and woman-friendly community. It is strictly prohibited to harass or discriminate against someone based on their gender or race.

  • No obnoxiously loud microphones are allowed.

  • You cannot kidnap Active EMS and Active Mechanics.

  • You must always stay in character no matter what the situation is, and stay in Roleplay at all times. You MUST change from the default look you load in with.

  • Sexual harassment and or abuse will not be tolerated in City Of Angels.

  • Do NOT lie to any admins.

  • Do not bring any out-of-character situations in-game and do not take any in-character situations out-of-game!

  • You cannot impersonate Police or EMS.

  • MUST BE 18+.

  • You may not sell Patreon Vehicles or Any items for money in-game or out of the game.

  • You cannot use any OOC terms in-game. Do your best to stay in character at all times.

RDM Rules

  • Random Deathmatch is when a player kills or attempts to kill another player with no reason or roleplay. It will not be tolerated in City Of Angels RP. When killing another player, you MUST have a valid reason along with initiation.

  • If you pull out a weapon you must have the proper bag to pull out that weapon, and when you do you must declare you are pulling a weapon out via /me pull out a weapon or verbally saying you are, and if you do not have a bag you must do the same thing near a vehicle.

  • The Fear Ratio is 3:1 in all situations other than gang activity. (ex: If 3 people pull up on you with guns out you must fear for your life regardless of if you have a weapon or not)

  • If you are NOT outnumbered and your life is threatened you may defend yourself at all costs.

  • If you drive or walk around an active shooting, understand you can be killed and cannot make a report for RDM.

VDM Rules

  • Vehicle Deathmatch is when a player attacks another player using a vehicle without any reason or roleplay. This will not be tolerated in City Of Angels RP. When killing another player, you MUST have a valid reason along with initiation.

  • Running into an individual/group with a vehicle will not be tolerated. If it was accidental or you lost control of the vehicle being driven, you MUST check on the individual/group to see if they require a medic and ensure you stay with them until help arrives if they were severely injured/downed.

  • Continuously ramming your vehicle into others is considered VDM.

  • Please Note: This is a serious roleplay server, Grand Theft Auto Driving will NOT be tolerated. It puts other players at risk of being hit and injured.


  • Police MUST follow the “Fear For Your Life Rule” when outnumbered by criminals. This includes bank/store robberies. If you arrive at a robbery and you are outnumbered by the criminals according to the Fear ratio then you MUST call for backup or leave if none shows up.

  • Police are required to read criminals their Miranda rights when arresting them. Failure to do so allows the criminals to walk free.

  • If an officer fatally shoots a criminal they are NOT allowed to revive or demand that EMS revive the criminal so that they can be arrested.

  • Police must comply with criminal demands in hostage scenarios. You must act like you are actually trying to save the hostage. (see crime section for acceptable demands)

  • Cops may NOT use snipers at a Store Robbery

  • If you arrive at a store /bank robbery and the criminals inform you they only have semi-automatic pistols then you MUST match their weapons. (ex: If a gang is robbing the jewelry store and they tell you they only have semi-automatic pistols, then you are not allowed to use an automatic weapon or a shotgun against them)


  • EMS must follow the “Fear for Your Life” Rule when being robbed by a criminal organization.

  • EMS are allowed to carry licensed pistols and tasers on them and can defend themselves in situations where they are not outnumbered.

  • If EMS arrives at a police shooting they must attempt to revive any downed police officers before reviving any criminals.

  • Cops cannot get revived at zero BPM.


  • Crimes MUST NOT be committed in areas that are highly populated for example; Legion Square.

  • You CANNOT lie to a cop about how many people are involved in the robbery and the same goes for cops.

  • You CANNOT have any outside shooters at a store robbery.

  • You are ALLOWED two shooters outside a bank robbery or jewelry robbery! Only one sniper is allowed per robbery!

  • You must have a Hostage at a robbery to have these right aways:
  1. -Ransom under 1mil for the hostage.
  2. -No Spike Strips
  3. -10 second maximum time after entering your vehicle to getaway.
  • MAX AMOUNT of people allowed in Store Robbery is 6 Cops and 6 Civilians

  • You must stay away from an active crime scene if you are not involved.

  • You may not take cops hostage DURING a robbery.

  • You cannot use any armored cars for robberies. You cannot run from police in an Insurgent, Oppressor, Drag Cars, or One of One vehicle!

  • After a robbery is finished you must clear the scene until the robbery is no longer active and in session. After taking off in pursuit of a robbery and the police know you are armed, you must roleplay the chase and get away, if the chase comes to a halt a shootout is allowed but you may not power game and lead them to other people. 

  • You cannot /steal on random bodies unless you properly roleplayed in the scenario, and or made them put their hands up to /deal. Robbing Cops with /steal is prohibited. You can use cop cars with the proper roleplay initiated.

  • Do NOT Cop Bait. (example: firing a weapon or driving recklessly in order to get cops to show up)

  • If you’re getting pulled over for a traffic stop you MUST stop and comply.

  • Do not reach out to Police, Ems, or Mechanics with the intent to rob/kill them.

  • Wearing masks is allowed but if an officer or staff asks you to remove the mask they will be able to detain/arrest you for suspicious activity.

  • Cops CAN detain you for wearing gang attire.

  • Robbing and Kidnapping are permitted on our server given you follow PROPER RP guidelines.

  • You can rob and/or scam up to 100k.

  • You CAN NOT rob/scam the same person again for a whole day.

  • You CAN NOT take a hostage into a 2 door vehicle.

  • You CAN NOT kidnap on-duty Mechanics or EMS.

  • You CANNOT force a player to withdraw money from their ATM or sell their vehicle in order to give you money.

  • You also CAN NOT make a player send you money when robbing them via the bank app on mobile ONLY cash.

  • If a player scams you, you CAN NOT just kill them. You MUST still initiate.

  • If you are robbing an individual/group you MUST give a choice of life.

  • If, when robbing a player, you say “Give me $10,000 or you will die!” and they only have 5k on their character you MUST accept it. You CANNOT kill them.

  • You CAN NOT kidnap someone from a Green Zone or Initiate in these areas. (Areas where you cannot pull out a weapon in)

  • You SHOULD NOT be Kidnapping people in broad daylight or in highly populated areas such as; Legion Square. You also SHOULD NOT be kidnapping from businesses.

  • You CAN NOT drive a vehicle whilst holding another player hostage.


  • Gangs should only be wearing gang attire when participating in gang activities. 

  • Gangs are allowed to “hold down” drug areas and demand a cut from players trying to use the drug areas.

  • The most amount that gangs can demand for a cut is 100k.

  • If your gang is riding around robbing players then the highest number of members participating should be 4.

  • If a player does not have enough money or does not want to pay the cut then you MUST allow them at least 3 minutes to leave. You are not allowed to kill them just for not paying you.

  • Gangs are NOT allowed to rob EMS.


  • Crime Organizations are NOT allowed to act like gangs. (ex; shit-talking on social media is not believable RP from an organized crime family)

  • Crime Organizations are NOT allowed to rob regular players. This is considered gang activity. 

  • Crime Organizations are required to keep an up-to-date ranking system.

  • Crime organizations must have 5 or more people with them to rob EMS for morphine.

  • Only Crime organizations may rob EMS. EMS can only be robbed for what is on their person, you may not rob EMS vehicles.

  • Crime Orgs may not kill EMS if they do not have medical items. EMS can only be killed if they do not comply or try to defend themselves.

Powergaming, Metagaming, Combat Logging

  • Powergaming is when you use in-game mechanics to your advantage. It will not be tolerated in City Of Angels RP as it ruins everyone’s experience.

  • Fail Roleplay and Metagaming are actions that are unrealistic or hurt the roleplay experience of others. Always think to yourself before doing something

  • NEVER bring your Out Of Character (OOC) knowledge to the city. Your character does NOT know this information and that information should not be exposed to any other person.

  • Do NOT abuse in-game mechanics to where you would find it beneficial or to benefit others.

  • Do NOT stream snipe. Ex. Finding someone on Twitch and finding them in the city via Twitch.

  • Do NOT talk while dead or use /me to communicate with other players.

  • GTA driving is NOT allowed. If you crash you MUST roleplay your injuries.

  • Do NOT drive cars off-road that is not designed for off-road driving.

  • Do NOT post pictures of dead bodies on Social Media.

  • Do NOT use OOC terms like “VDM, RDM, FailRP” in-game unless you are speaking to an admin.

  • Large Weapons MUST be equipped from either a vehicle, a large bag, or any other point of interest that is realistic.

  • Combat Logging is when a player logs to avoid a situation. In City Of Angels, this will NOT be tolerated. Combat logging is not allowed under any circumstances. 

  • Do NOT log off to avoid an RP scene or Admin sit. We will find you.

New Life Rule, Exploiting, AFK

  • If you die, you must “forget” everything that happened 20 minutes before the time of your death. You should not remember any events leading up to your death. However, if one of your friends or gang members was there when you died and they survived, then they may tell you about what happened. If you were alone then you are not allowed to remember or get revenge.

  • You are not allowed to use exploits to help you advance in the game. If you are caught using exploits this can result in a permanent ban. If you notice any exploits please report them to an admin right away

  • The max amount of time you should be AFK is 10 minutes. You must attempt to let people around you know if you are going AFK. After the 10 minutes passes you will automatically be kicked from the server and need to rejoin.

  • The secret passphrase is: Garbanzo Beans

Harassment, Fail RP & Unacceptable RP

  • Racism, sexism, and sexual harassment of any kind are strictly prohibited from our server. You are not allowed to discriminate against someone because of their race, religion, gender, or sexual orientation. If you do this will result in a permanent ban with no appeal.

  • Rape RP is not acceptable on our server and will not be tolerated. You can demand that other players strip or remove their clothes when robbing or kidnapping but ONLY for the sake of embarrassing them. If you are caught trying to force someone into sexual RP you will be permanently banned. If someone is trying to force you into sexual RP you are not required to RP it out. Report the player and an admin will help as soon as we are able to.

  • “Transracial” roleplay is not allowed on our server. You are not allowed to RP as someone who is a race outside of yours in real life (ex: You are a white person trying to RP as a black person and trying to say the “N” word). This is considered an act of racism and if you are caught breaking this rule you will receive a permanent ban with no appeal.

  • Parking and flying helicopters within city limits are prohibited unless landing on designated helipads, places of business, etc. (EMS and PD are exempt for emergency purposes.)


  • If an individual is breaking rules in-game you need to have a full 2-minute clip and do the report via a discord ticket system! (we recommend using Medal for your clips)

  • You must get the player ID of the person so we can reprimand them appropriately.

  • Do NOT spam in-game reports or discord for assistance.

  • Do NOT false report.

  • Doing /report for asking RP questions is NOT ALLOWED. Ask in Discord!

  • If a situation was not dealt with as you felt it should have you can always bring it to another admin and do a Staff Report on the website.

  • City of Angels follows a 3 strike rule. If you commit three bannable offenses then you will be permabanned without the ability to appeal.

  • You should NOT be DMing staff about bans. You can do a ban appeal on the website on the contact us page.