City Of Angels V2 Is here!

It’s been a long and eventful road to get here but we are proud to announce the brand new City Of Angels v2 framework! This update brings a lot of exciting new features as well as some essential fixes the city needs. Before we get into it, I would just like to thank the amazing community that made this possible. We are stoked to bring you guys this new update and can’t wait to see what amazing new scenes come of it. So without further delay let’s get into it:

Bug Fixes

  • ✅ Fixed radios.
  • ✅ Fixed machetes not working.
  • ✅ Removed a few unused maps.
  • ✅ Removed some unoptimized resources.
  • ✅ Updated server artifacts.
  • ✅ Added locks to all prison doors.
  • ✅ Updated many scripts to improve performance.
  • ✅ Added many missing inventory icons.
  • ✅ Added reminders in chat to check your daily and playtime rewards.
  • ✅ Added crafting tables to jobs where it was missing.
  • ✅ Updated the job center with all current job information to help players better understand the jobs.

New Features

  • 🔥 New Locations: New ANH Office, New Drug Labs
  • 🔥 Complete UI update: most elements of the server’s UI have been updated to better fit the city’s theme. In addition, the custom player UI editor has been updated. So when you log into v2 for the first time you will be prompted to set up your new UI. If at any point you want to change the settings you save just press F9 to open the UI editor and change any elements you like.
  • 🔥 New Guidebook System: Currently we have only set up a basic welcome page and keybind / command page, but over time our staff will develop this with much more helpful content about the server such as jobs, things to do, special locations and more! You can access your guidebook at any time by doing /help.
  • 🔥 Weapon Update: Now when you pull weapons out of a bag or trunk you can sling them on your back or chest by using /sling1 or /sling2 or by pressing 4 or 5 on your number pad. We have now also added shooting ranges to the 2 big Gun Stores in Los Angeles. Here is where you can practice your shooting and gain experience with your weapons so they become more reliable and efficient. We have also added repair benches to these stores as well where you can pay to repair your weapons so they don’t break. We have also added 2 new weapons the Military Themed M4A1 (police exclusive) and the MDR (soon to be a Secret Service Exclusive)
  • 🔥 Driving Test Update: We have completely revamped the driving test to make it a lot easier to understand while also making it more immersive. Fixed all issues with licenses not being given. Now your errors will display constantly while you are taking the practice test as well as the speed limit so you know exactly how fast you should go or if you should fail or not. You also have an NPC Licenser that rides with you now and he lets you know if you pass or fail at the end.
  • 🔥 Drugs Update: 12 new drugs have been added such as Fentanyl pills, Xanax, Percocet, Molly, Black Tar, and more. Most drugs now can actually give you an addiction and a tolerance level. When your tolerance is high you are less likely to pass out or throw up when taking the drugs. When your addiction level is high you will start losing health gradually after a certain point. Doctors can prescribe Narcan to help lower addiction levels. Most drug spots have been moved and drugs are no longer picked and then crafted but can instead now be acquired in a variety of ways. You can find a plug that will send you on a mission to go get a brick. Once you buy the brick you can break it down into smaller amounts and then bag up the drugs to be sold. Bagged-up drugs can be used to remove the drugs from the bag to be used by players but to be sold to NPCs it needs to be bagged. If you find a spot where ingredients grow you can acquire the ingredients and then bring them to a lab to process. There are labs all throughout the city for different types of drugs. There are also certain drug labs that only gangs can access which gives them private access to a processing facility (which brings me to the next point…)
  • 🔥 Gang Update: Now gang territories are displayed in real-time on the pause menu map. Gangs can control inventories by being present, killing other gang members, selling drugs, or doing graffiti in active territories. Once your gang controls that territory they get access to a secret illegal perk which can be any of the following: coke lab, weed grow op, meth lab, crack house, spice grow op, dirty money printing press, money wash, or a fake check printing press.
  • 🔥 Phone Update: Your phone now has a battery life that diminishes with usage. There are public chargers throughout the city marked on the map and you can also buy a power bank item at the electronic stores. Soon we will make it to where you can add a charger in your home. There is now a new group call feature. In addition, now you can mute yourself on a call and also put the call on speaker so people around you can hear. You can add your favorite music on your music app. You can now see who in your contacts list is online. You can now apply to certain jobs like EMS and police on your phone in the business app. The new COA App brings you to the mobile version of our website so you can easily access server information like news, rules, and our VIP shop. When someone is texting you you will see (…). We are now also able to have verified Instagram accounts just like Twitter.
  • 🔥 Brake Cutting: Now if you buy wire cutters you can cut the brakes on a vehicle and it will actually remove the brakes.
  • 🔥 Printing: Now if you target a printer you can print images onto documents that becomes a usable item that displays the image you set for it. You need paper in order to print. Useful for PD and lawyer roleplay or even business cards.
  • 🔥 Pause Menu: you may remember this pause menu was tested in V1 but had a bug where it would get stuck cause you couldn’t close it again by pressing escape. We have solved this issue and now the menu is back to conveniently show you all relevant server info in your pause menu.
  • 🔥 TV Update: Gone are the days of grabbing that little snippet at the end of the youtube link and trying to get it just right just for the video not to work or be copyrighted. When near a that says No Signal do /tv. Now you can just paste the URL into an easy-to-use UI menu. Now you can also use a web browser to watch videos on ANY website you like (123Movies 😉). We also now have the ability to add channels that go to preset URLs so we can set this up for people who stream in our city so they can broadcast to the TVs in the city. We can use this to make our TV shows! We do need to add more TVs to the new script so only a select few work right now.
  • 🔥 Housing Update: New house type, IPL houses, which are similar to shells but allow changes to them so you can do things like change the theme or colors of your interior.
  • 🔥 Added more non-VIP player-owned businesses around the map.
  • 🔥 Added more rentable MLO Hotel options.
  • 🔥 Over 250+ new custom tattoos have been added from my new tebex shop which includes pokemon tattoos, Dragonball tattoos, star wars tattoos, dc comics tattoos, Marvel tattoos, PD/EMS tattoos, and more!

Police Update:

This one had so much to it that we felt it needed its own section 😅

  • 🚨 2 New Police Departments Open: VCSO and California State Highway Patrol are now open complete with MLO stations and whole new squad car fleets for each. (We are still looking for someone to run State and we need officers for all 3 current departments.)
  • 🚨 Evidence Update: to make it more performance friendly bullet casings are now recovered from bodies rather than from where the gun was shot. For evidence like DNA or Fingerprints, a criminal’s information needs to be in the system for a match to pop up like in real life. To get their info in the system police can take fingerprints and DNA samples upon arresting and detaining criminals.
  • 🚨 Police Badges: Police can now carry a badge item to show people to verify their identity. The badge will only work if you have a police job so people can not use it to impersonate police.
  • 🚨 Armory Update: Added all missing items and added special weapon repair kits that can be dragged onto your weapons in your inventory to fix them.
  • 🚨 Escort Animation: Now when police grab a cuffed person they will actually grab their arm and the person will walk instead of just floating in the air

Complete Economy Reset:

In an effort to make the roleplay in our city more realistic we have reset most monetary portions of the economy. Aside from houses no inventories, cars, or anything else has been touched. Only what is outlined below:

  • 💸 Adjusted the payouts of non-player-controlled jobs, drug sales, and robberies to go according to the new economy.
  • 💸 Adjusted the prices in all shops, dealerships, and the black market.
  • 💸 All business accounts have been reset to a default starting value of $4,000,000
  • 💸 The new starting amount for cash is $270,000 plus $5,000 in cash
  • 💸 All player bank accounts that currently exist have been reset to an extra bonus starting value of $750,000 as thank you for being a part of the city before V2.
  • 💸 All business owners need to adjust their prices and employee salaries (In-game time is 2 seconds in real life = 1 in-game minute, so salaries are paid out about every fifteen minutes in real life).

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