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Arm N Hammer is comprised of long-time GTA players and roleplayers that understand how hard it is to find a fulfilling and accepting FiveM roleplay experience. That is why we worked hard to create an experience that we felt was not as common as it should be. FiveM roleplay can be one of the most amazing things to experience but unfortunately, it is challenging to find servers that do a good job of making sure ALL players feel welcome in their city. Arm N Hammer Presents: City Of Angels RP aims to be one of the most unique, diverse, and entertaining FiveM communities imaginable. Our goal is to gather players of all walks of life to engage in a serious roleplay setting where you can feel free to express yourself and create amazing stories and relationships. If you have been playing FiveM and are struggling to find a server you can call home because you feel unwelcome then City Of Angels might be the place for you. Apply for the whitelist today and get started on your next great roleplay experience!

News & Updates

City Of Angels V2 Is here!

19 Nov 2022

It’s been a long and eventful road to get here but we...

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V1 Has Launched

13 Jan 2022

We are proud to finally announce that the first official release of...

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Update Beta 2.0 is now HERE!

29 Aug 2021

We are excited to announce one of our biggest updates yet is...

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Player Owned Businesses Now Available

10 Aug 2021

Our donator shop has been updated with new items and now includes...

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